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This is a vacancy finder so you can find vacancies. You can use the drop down menus to select your country and/or your function. You can also use the check boxes to remove preferences. The check boxes are the little square boxes on the right, next to the words "no country preference" or "no function preference".

Once you have made your selection then press the button "find vacancies". This button will find your vacancies based on your preferences, if available.

If there are no vacancies available you will see page that says "no vacancies available". If, however, there are vacancies available based on your selection then a page will appear listing these vacancies.
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Open applications
If you have a clear picture of your future career and are of the opinion that Yokogawa Europe can help you to develop yourself, please send us your résumé and motivation. We will check if we can match it with any present or future vacancies.

Send your application letter and resume to our Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 163, 3800 AD, Amersfoort, The Netherlands or send it by e-mail to

Internships & final projects
Yokogawa has vacancies for several challenging final projects and internships. Our internships and projects represent an opportunity for you to get a real life taste of the Yokogawa business. You will find out how we work and if you feel at home in our organization. Completing your internship or final project could even lead to a permanent job!
Check our current internships and final projects.

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